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Argus is founded in Shanghai in the year of 2001, located inShanghai-the economic and financial center of China. Weare a high-tech company providing various flooring systemssolutions for many commercial and industrial spaces.Nowadays, Argus has developed into a group companyintegrating with new building materials R&D center.
manufacturing, sales and contracting. We are the leadingsupplier of high-end integrated and seamless floor systems inChina.

Now ARGUS has developed into a new building materials research and development center, manufacturing, sales, contracting in one of the group company.
We are a leading supplier of high-end overall seamless ground systems in China.

Design Potential

Today's terrazzo is an environmentally friendly material that combines extraordinary design potential with optimal durabilityand low maintenance costs.Arqus' epoxy terrazzo floorsystem has attracted many well knowned architects aroundthe world with its customized colors and aggregates, solid floorstructure and artistic design.

Leading Brand

Over the past 13 years, Argus Epoxy Terrazzo has established theleading position in the application of various commercial andindustrial places, finished massive great projects such as SOHOChina.lBM offices,Apple stores,Cadillac showroom. MercedesBenz Center. NlO Houses and hundreds of customers. Currenthwe are the leading brand of epoxy terrazzo suppliers in China.


Enterprise Culture

We are the contractors of terrazzo,

We are the pioneers of terrazzo,

We are the renaissance of terrazzo.

toCovenants  Spirit Act

toCraftsman Spiritual business.

Act in the spirit of contract

Doing Business with the Spirit of Craftsman

Development Process

In the thirteen years of argus development, argus has created

In the thirteen years of argus development, argus has created

18 national patented technologies | 23,700 square meters of building | 843 technical personnel
90,000 square meters of factory building | 89% self-supplied raw materials | Excellent maintenance services
Included in many excellent cases

Included in many excellent cases

36 chinese Apple Stores | 5 asian Apple Stores
6 NIO Customer Experience Centers | 3 zaha Hadid Design Buildings

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